Live from Bushmills Distillery...
Foy Vance

Slow burning - that's Foy Vance.

Not something to be swallowed whole, to be gulped down without regard for taste, flavour. Instead, each song feels roughly hewn, slowly constructed and should be patiently chewed over, rather than devoured.

There's a new album coming this year. 'Joy Of Nothing' will be released on Glassnote, and finds the Northern Irish talent moving confidently, patiently forwards. "This record feels like a move forward in terms of my songwriting" he mused recently, "and certainly in terms of anything I've recorded before."

Recently travelling to London, Foy Vance recorded a live session at the Bushmills' Distillery. "The band and I headed straight from the studio, after our final recording session in Donegal, to Bushmills Whiskey Distillery" he said. "Everyone at the Distillery have been supporters of my music for a while now, so it's nice to bring in the band to film these sessions."

ClashMusic are able to premiere the performance of 'Janey' - a stirring, Springsteen-esque moment from the songwriter which has a personal edge. "Janey is a song about my best friend, who lives in London. Sonically it isn't very similar to the rest of the record but due to having the same musicians involved it seems to work."

Watch it now.

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'Joy Of Nothing' is set to be released later this year.


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