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Folly Rae

Some are born creative, scribbling down pictures from the moment they can hold a pencil. Others, though, have creativity thrust upon them.

When Folly Rae split up with her boyfriend, she didn't quite know how to express her feelings - so she wrote them down. Feelings became poems, poems became songs and Folly Rae quickly gained an audience.

Her simple, uncomplicated style drew admirers and a recent visit to the studio has resulted in the songwriter's first EP.

Due to be released this summer, the EP is being trailed by new track 'Free Your Mind'. A delicately pieced together, deeply affecting piece of songcraft is displays a real poetic touch.

The video for 'Free Your Mind' finds Folly Rae along, moving through the woods. Beautifully shot, it's a nice introduction to this promising young artist.

Watch it now.

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Folly Rae's debut EP will be released this summer.


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