Shot in the desert...

Foals have reached a new level.

The band are notching up larger and larger venues, with bombastic new album 'Holy Fire' swiftly becoming one of the most successful in their career to date.

Imbued with classic rock riffs and an enormous sense of energy, 'Holy Fire' is also home to some of Foals' most directly emotional lyrics to date.

'Bad Habit' pieces both together. Epic in size and scale, it has become a live favourite with fans but the vocals hint at something very real, very personal.

The video for the track features Yannis Philippakis running through the desert, chasing after a lover who remains just out of reach. The camera peels back across vast wastes, leaving the frontman alone.

Watch it now.

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Clash caught up with Foals earlier this year for an exclusive online interview - find it HERE.


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