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Tom The Lion

There's an old saying that the death knell for any band if when the drummer starts writing some tunes.

But in the case of Tom The Lion, that's the beginning of the project. Tom The Lion originally played drums, before deciding to unleash his Buckley-meets-Stipe voice on the world.

Percussion's loss is our gain. Two EPs have emerged thus far, released exclusively via Rough Trade shops across the country and beyond.

With the songwriter's debut album 'Sleep' is set to emerge in the Spring, with the title track now online. Gentle, entrancing songcraft with a hazy, late Autumnal feel, the real focal point is Tom The Lion's voice.

A deep bronze hue which lingers softly on the ear, the execution of the project is remarkable.

Watch it now.

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'Sleep' is set to be released on February 3rd.

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