Animated by Neal Coghlan...
Punks Jump Up

Sifting through the past to craft the future.

It's a common enough practise in electronic music, an arena where an overloaded circuit can cause the birth of Acid House.

Punks Jump Up continually ransack synth-pop sounds from the 80s, re-interpreting to fit the modern dancefloor in continually surprising new shapes.

The duo's latest track is available as a free download. 'Fairlight' is all fluorescent synths and crisp percussion, reminiscent of Depeche Mode's classic run of 12 inch singles buy given a French electro twist.

Available below, Clash is also able to premiere the video for 'Fairlight'. Animated by Neal Coghlan, the clip focusses on those retro-Futurist vibes by using early 90s style computer generated imagery.

Perfectly matching the buoyant disco-house of Punks Jump Up, you can watch it below then grab the track after the jump.

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