Quietly creative, softly surreal...
Hail! The Planes

Something's stirring in Cardiff.

Sure, the city's always had a passionate, dedicated and deeply independent music scene, but the past few years have seen the area bubble with a rare ferocity.

New groups seem to come our way almost every week, but this isn't some crass SceneWave bandwagon - each act has their own sound, their own identity.

So in a way, Hail! The Planes could only come from Cardiff in 2013. A six piece, their lilting indie pop has some hypnotic psychedelic overtones, with new EP 'Send A Signal To Me, Love' containing a charming, poetic charisma.

Out now via Shape Records, the material was laid down in Cardiff’s Music Box Studios with the help of Charlie Francis and was mixed by JT from Islet. Holly Müller from Hail! The Planes describes the material thus:

"This is an EP about communication, the struggle of it - silences between people, unsayable things, longings. Sometimes music does it so much better – it reaches out."

With 'Send A Signal To Me, Love' now dotted on shelves across the country, Clash is able to present a new video from the Welsh group. 'Into The Dark' comes backed with some whimsical, gently surreal visuals featuring a series of dis-embodied heads laid out on coffee tables.

Far from being horrific, the subtle humour of the clip neatly parallels the band's own personality.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Send A Signal To Me, Love' is out now.

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