Acoustic rendition...
Falling Off Maps

Technology may accelerate, but the craft of songwriter never quite dies away.

Honing, refining, defining: songcraft sits neatly in opposition to the continual revolution, the upheaval offered by technology.

Falling Off Maps are based in Nottingham, and clearly understand the power of simple songwriting. New single 'The Redeemer' is out this week, matching stirring, anthemic songwriting to quite personal lyrics.

Debut album 'A Seaside Town In Winter' will be released in January, but before then Clash is able to premiere something special. Shot on a bandstand in a leafy park tinged with Autumn, Dave Wright peels apart the layers of 'The Redeemer' to reveal something quietly meditative.

The circling acoustic patterns underpin his voice, while in the distance you can hear commuter traffic rush by.

Watch it now.

- - -

'The Redeemer' is out now. Falling Off Maps are set to play Nottingham's Rescue Rooms on November 14th with Turin Brakes.

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