Awesome live clip...
Blood Sports

It takes a lot to leave Clash open mouthed, yet - somehow - Blood Sport have done it.

Imagine, if you will, the furious, tumbling, unrelenting rhythms of Afrobeat stretching out towards the horizon. Then imagine crushing power chords, guitars containing a rare electricity, an almost impossible sense of wait.

Sitting somewhere between post-hardcore, metal and Fela Kuti, Blood Sport's debut album 'Life In Units' rolled out of Sheffield earlier this year. Kicking and snarling like a beast possessed, the album was followed by some jaw-dropping performances.

Luckily, one intrepid spark decided to record the band live. Blazing through '20202016' the band are bathed in life - so much so that they are almost obscured.

With glints of colour shining away from their instruments, '20202016' opens at a frenetic pace then only seems to increase in velocity. It's a remarkable performance, one which continually threatens to veer out of control yet somehow retains its centrifugal force.

Watch it now.

- - -

Filmed by Blood Sport & Big Luce, edited by Alex Keegan
Sound recorded live & mixed by Ben Hunter

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