Majestic, sublime...

A beautiful performer, a sad song.

It's a formula that pop has repeated throughout the ages but it never fails to quicken our pulse and break out heart. FAYE introduced herself to British audiences earlier this year, all patience and coy poises alongside her obvious talent.

Now she's set to break out. Recently released single 'Breathe Out' is a vast, swooning epic, the sort of thing Florence & The Machine have been attempting to write for the best part of a decade but never quite managed to nail.

Of course, it helps that FAYE has pop in her blood. Real name Faye Hamlin, the Swedish artist toured the world as a teenager as one quarter of hugely successful Scandinavian pop outfit Play - at one point supporting Destiny's Child.

Older, refined, sophisticated FAYE is now ready to take on the world again. Clash is very pleased to present the video for new single 'Breathe Out' - watch it now.

- - -

'Breathe Out' is out now.


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