Grindhouse marionette...
Fat Freddy's Drop

Begun as a means for mutual friends to explore their reggae fetish, Fat Freddy's Drop have been lucky enough to take their dub-soul sound around the globe.

Travelling to virtually every continent known to humanity (do they have reggae festivals on Antarctica? THEY SHOULD DO) the band's live show has perhaps outstripped their studio output.

Silent since 2009, the band are now ready to make their next step. New album 'Blackbird' will be released next month, featuring another dose of skanking exploration.

Before then, though, lies new track 'Clean The House'. A sizzling, direct return it features plenty of smouldering brass from the reggae collective. Alongside this, Fat Freddy's Drop have invited award winning New Zealand film maker Mark Williams to construct a special video.

Working with Jon Coddington to transform each member of the band into a puppet, the marionettes were constructed with impeccable eye for detail.

Opening with a poker game, the moody clip contains a high speed car chase, a shoot out and plenty of gore.

A grind house salute of sorts, you can watch it first on ClashMusic.

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Fat Freddy's Drop are set to release new album 'Blackbird' on June 24th.


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