Delicately hewn songwriting...
Falling Off Maps

The coast conjures up a number of emotions.

For most, it's a place to escape to, a space to expunge the pressures of daily life. However it also marks an end point - how do you keep on running if you run out of places to run to?

Hailing from decidedly non-coastal Nottingham, Falling Off Maps know plenty about these feelings. "My parents live in a seaside town and in winter it becomes desperate, desolate place" explains singer/guitarist David Wright. "In summer it’s thriving but out of season when winter arrives and the tourists flee, businesses can’t survive and everything just stops. That image seemed to inspire the birth of the music and the way in which it evolved from there."

Images to a desolate coast abound on the band's debut album, the poignantly titled 'A Seaside Town In Winter'. Ahead of its release, Falling Off Maps are preparing new single 'Honest'.

A delicately hewn beast, this is heart-on-sleeve songwriting of the finest kind. Out on August 12th, Clash is able to bring you the video for the track before anyone else. Shot - appropriately enough - on a grey, abandoned beach, you can watch the clip now.

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'Honest' is set to be released on August 12th.

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