Stunning comeback...
Exit Calm

Exit Calm have been silent for too damn long. It's been almost two years since the four piece released any new material, two years which have seen trend and style come and go. Yet Exit Calm are still here, and - for all its faults - rock 'n' roll remains rock 'n' roll. 

And new single 'The Rapture' is most definitely rock 'n' roll. Sounding as if it was recorded in a vast cathedral, this is sheer, visceral noise from start to finish - three minutes of guitars which seem to have mainlined adrenalin.

Out shortly on Club AC30, the track has already received enormous attention. ClashMusic are pleased as punch, therefore, to be able to offer you the first glimpse of their new video...

Uncompromising on record, the clip for 'The Rapture' opens with the band grimacing at the camera. A performance style shoot, the scene then explodes in technicolor as Exit Calm smash into the volume pedal.

It's not one for the faint hearted - and, sadly, the epileptics - amongst us.

Watch it now...

- - -

'The Rapture' is set to be available from February 18th on very limited heavyweight yellow or green 7" vinyl via the Club AC30 imprint.

Production Manager: Mathew Brawley
DOP: Jamie Burr
Camera Asst: Gary Long
Co-Producer: Guy Davies
Director/Producer/Editor: Shoaib Vali
Filmed at Blundell Street Studios
PassingPiranhas & ZebrafishMedia Production


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