Reclusive Parisian trio...
Tristesse Contemporaine

Paris has an atmosphere, an indefinable quality which other cities can't quite match.

Perhaps it's the attitude of the residents. A fairly spurious point: the French really are cooler, more stylish than their British cousins. Which helps to explain Tristesse Contemporaine.

Deeply reclusive, the trio recently signed to Record Makers and are in the process of readying their second album 'Stay Golden' for release.

Due out on November 25th, the band sluice together post-punk, synth-pop and even elements of shoegaze into a uniquely moody, contagiously stylish package.

As a preview, Clash is able to premiere the video for album opener 'Fire'. Reminiscent of Metronomy in its pared down cool, the chugging bass line could easily find its way onto 'Metal Box'.

The video itself is extremely disorienting: shot in black and white, the band wear masks throughout as the music unfolds around them.

Watch it now.

'Stay Golden' is set to be released on November 25th.

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