Self-directed clip emerges...
Everything Everything

Kemosabe is one of those words which everyone has heard of, but no one can explain what it means.

A phrase uttered by Native American scout Tonto in the Lone Ranger, it's exact etymology has been lost over time. Loosely translating as 'good friend' the world has a surreal, retro quality... and it also sounds good when you say it.

Now it's a single from Everything Everything. The four piece are continuing their comeback trail, with second album 'Arc' set to be released on January 14th. A bustling, soaring epic, 'Kemosabe' drops a week before with the video for the release hitting the web last night (November 19th).

It's typically adventurous. Seemingly self-directed, the shoot finds Everything Everything performing in the woods before juxtaposing a tribal gymnast with close up footage of a microchip. All very bewildering, but really - did you expect anything else?

Watch it now.

- - -

'Kemosabe' will be released on January 9th.


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