Performing in Gorton Monastery...

In all honesty, we were speechless.

It's been a very long time since a performance, since a single live clip made this much of an impact on us. Before the hyperbole, though, the facts. Embers are a four piece from Manchester, who formed a mere 18 months ago.

Since then, they have played numerous (occasionally high profile shows) and released an extremely limited (and now highly sought after) seven inch single. They have a cinematic touch, that much is for sure. Whereas a lot of young groups simply throw paint at a wall and hope for the best, Embers have a quiet, thoughtful, painterly touch.

Allowing each song to build, rise, develop the band have - remarkably - hit upon a formula for emotional intoxication. You'll see what we mean. Clash have been handed a live performance of 'Hollow Cage' shot in Gorton Monastery, a historic building just outside Manchester.

A very simply pieced together clip, it allows Embers to come to life within a beautifully ambient environment. The results are astonishing.

Watch it now.

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Find Embers HERE.


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