Vintage house

House music is in a funny ol' state right now.

The explosive growth of what has been termed UK Bass has produced a uniquely British form. House textures with bass weight, it has quickly reached saturation point with some fans yearning for an older, more vintage style of house.

Something which Elias Tzikas can supply in abundance. Making his reputation in the summer of 1996, the producer has continually moved forward without losing sight of the tastes which fund his unique take on dance music.

'Still Around' is a case in point. Now at home on Retrospective, Elias Tzikas is busy adapting his deep house roots to new surroundings.

Matching effortlessly soulful vocals to an itchy, disco influenced boogie 'Still Around' is about as catchy as a winter cold.

Part of the 'Hunt Hunt Hearts' EP, the track has been given a fun retro video. Adapting found footage to newly shot clips, the visuals share the same carefree sensibility which fuels Elias Tzikas' music.

As the vocal says, "happiness is still around..."

- - -

'Hunt Hunt Hearts' is out now.


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