Archive footage emerges...

Eels have a rich sense of humour.

Sure, E might have a melancholic side - who could blame him? - but the songwriter matches this with a wry wit.

It's a quality which is in evidence on the band's new album, with 'Wonderful, Glorious' set to be released on February 4th. In the run up to the release, Eels have posted a series of videos online. Poking fun at awards ceremonies, E recently shot a clip in which he lampooned the Grammy committee.

Now it's the turn of the BRIT Awards. Eels picked up an award in 1998 and - since the occasion was pre-recorded - the band were able to pick who presented them with the gong. E chose Spinal Tap.

The results are pretty funny... Watch it now.

- - -

'Wonderful, Glorious' is set to be released on February 4th.

The nominees for the BRIT Awards 2013 will be unveiled on January 10th.


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