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East India Youth

2014 has seen East India Youth emerge authoritatively from the shadows.

Releasing debut album 'Total Strife Forever', each step the producer makes feels ever more confident, ever more assured. Playing The Great Escape in Brighton, crowds of fans snaked around the corner of each venue with East India Youth providing absorbing, inventive performances.

New single 'Heaven, How Long' is set to be released on June 16th, alongside remixes from Taigen (Bo Ningen) and Perc. The video for 'Heaven, How Long' is online now. East India Youth:

"I was keen to keep Joe Spray on as director for this video because his contribution to the aesthetics of my album and its surrounding material have been a key part in whatever success they've found. Further exploring the themes and influences of the previous two videos, and continuing with the vague narrative we'd established, moving from the cityscape to the natural world, the video for 'Heaven, How Long' remains rooted in an organic landscape."

"It was clear after a while, though, that we needed to really tear at the fabric of the images in the end section of the video to match the song's dynamics and intensity, and this is where Dan Tombs was introduced to the process. Dan has been creating visuals for my live shows based on Joe's video work, and it's been a great collaborative effort working with him. I was really pleased that both Joe and Dan were keen to add their own styles to this video; together they've created something beautiful, schizophrenic and intensely visceral."

Watch it now.

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'Heaven, How Long' is set to be released on June 16th.

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