Rising British rapper...
Dream McLean

UK hip hop is dead, right? Deceased. Passed away. Nudged into its coffin by the furiously creative spirit of grime.

Well, not quite. The past 12 months have borne witness to a slew of new talent, of fresh producers and unknown MCs, each with their voice and each daring to usurp the Stateside hegemony.

Hailing from Essex, Dream McLean has already won support from tastemakers such as Zane Lowe and Annie Mac. Debut EP 'Weatherman' is out now - all smoky beats, informed by the Beast Coast scene, as well as a dextrous, subtle flow which remains defiantly British.

A centrepiece on said EP, 'Titanic' has been given the video treatment. Every bit as stylised as the music itself, everything from the lighting to the clothes worn by the cast seems to be absolutely perfect.

A potent, provocative package, Dream McLean's vision of 'Titanic' is definitely a night to remember.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Weatherman' is out now.


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