Gritty yet engrossing...

Strange things are happening to British dance music.

For years cut adrift from the mainstream, 2013 has opened with a sensational coup. Production team Disclosure have rammed into the Top 10, adding some effortlessly classy vocals from AlunaGeorge to 'White Noise'.

Essentially a cutting edge underground house track with a sprinkle of pop sass, 'White Noise' reached number two in the first week release. An astounding feat, the single was able to crash into the charts before a video had even been finished.

Now the clip has been unveiled. Diverting in a tangent from Disclosure's production, the clip opens with an urban scene as a security guard prepares for work. The mundanity of everyday life gives way to a sudden transformation in the middle section.

The chorus kicks in, the snares crack that little bit harder and the security begins to bust some series moves - alone, save for the light of his torch. Coming together in blissful harmony, both music and visuals making for a gritty yet engrossing clip.

Watch it now.

- - -

'White Noise' is out now.


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