Depth & Current

Depth & Current are fairly uncompromising.

The Norman, Oklahoma trio are billed as 'extreme noise' and that's fairly close to the mark. Virtually everything the group can touch veers into the red, with recent mini-album 'Transient' packing eight songs into 14 minutes.

Out now on Club AC30, it's about as direct as an iron bar to the back of the head. Depth & Current put is more succinctly: "A full-length album, for a modern attention span."

Short, sharp and arresting, 'Transient' will shortly transfer to cassette. Stripped 'Turn Me On' from the release, Depth & Current have pieced together a controversial new video. Deeply sexual in a bizarre way, there's a touch to David Lynch to their scorched visuals.

Vivid, challenging and most definitely NSFW you can watch it now.

- - -

Order the cassette version of 'Transient' from Depth & Current from the band's official website.


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