Ahead of their new album...
Amplified Ease

Darkstar have always looked beyond music.

More of an artistic entity than a mere band, the production team recently signed a deal with Warp. Completing work on their new album, 'News From Nowhere' is set to be released on the esteemed imprint on February 4th.

Lead cut 'Amplified Ease' is already earning enormous acclaim. It's easy to see why - Darkstar have refined, honed their sound with the sub-bass giving way to an immaculate melodic touch.

The video for the new track features Darkstar submerged under green liquid, their faces stretched by the camera. Echoing the beautifully disorienting music, 'Amplified Ease' is a playful, surreal introduction to where the band's head is at.

Watch it now.

- - -

'News From Nowhere' is set to be released on February 4th. Fancy streaming the whole thing a week in advance? Listen to it now...


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