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The most ordinary, mundane tasks are often the most surreal, hypnotic.  

For their new video, Darkstar opted against heading to a remote, exotic location. Instead, they decided to complete the filming in their native South London, at a local community complex.  

Stripped from their recent album 'News From Nowhere', 'A Day's Pay For A Day's Work' is a weary, eerie piece of music which thrives on atmosphere. Director Lucy Luscombe uses footage from self-help classes, focussing on exercises which aim to enhance trust, confidence and self-esteem.  

Slowed down and shot in vivd colour, the exercises - as hackneyed and well worn as they appear on the surface - are reconfigured as beautiful, profoundly emotional experiences.  

Watch it now.  

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Darkstar are set to play London venue London Fields Brewery on September 28th - a 'News From Nowhere' remix EP is also in the works.  

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