22 minute long...
Dan Deacon

The United States of America is a concept which has already provoked division.

To some, the superpower represents the great hope of democracy, a place where the humblest citizen can rise to become a world leader. To others, it represents capitalism at its worst, a place where the rich get richer and the poor are denied even the most basic health care treatment.

The extreme polarisation of these views is something which fascinates Dan Deacon, so much so that the Baltimore producer devoted one side of his recent 'America' suite to the nation.

Speaking to Clash at the time, Dan Deacon said: "You see the rot of the cities and the corporate takeover of the American mindset of endless billboards, filth, garbage and consumer waste and fast food and gas stations. All of that. But you also see these beautiful ranges of mountains, these crazy psychedelic deserts, endless forest, fields.. all of that. This endless pockets of beauty and filth existing side by side".

'USA' was an astounding, 22 minute work which Adult Swim have bravely decided to set to visuals. It's a head-spinning, profoundly exciting thing to watch - check it out now.

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