Disco legend speaks...
Daft Punk

If hype were currency, Daft Punk would be millionaires.

New album 'Random Access Memories' has been trailed by enormous media coverage, with the band's label Columbia clearly billing the release as 'an event'.

Yet what's surprising is just how little information has been revealed. Daft Punk have been typically cagey, although a series of films shot in conjunction with The Creators Project have helped to illuminate the creative process.

'The Collaborators' reaches episode 3 with a Nile Rodgers interview. The Chic guitarist seemingly plays a prominent role on the upcoming album, and has made no secret of his involvement.

A charming, engaging interviewee, this chat with Nile Rodgers is well worth your time.

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'Random Access Memories' is set to be released on May 20th.

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