Featuring Julian Casablancas...
Instant Crush

Daft Punk have never hid their love of rock music.

After all, the duo originally worked together in a band called Darlin' who - shock horror - played guitars. Returning with new album 'Random Access Memories' the Parisian pairing decided to let a few of these influences bubble to the surface.

The Strokes' frontman Julian Casablancas dropped past the studio, adding his dulcet tones to 'Instant Crush'. On the surface an odd pairing, the results are an effective mesh of Daft Punk's rock edge and Casablancas' vocoder-enhanced voice.

Teasing a video for the track, Daft Punk finally unveiled the clip last night. Julian Casablancas stars throughout, both as himself and as a computer generated dummy dressed in what appears to be a Napoleonic uniform.

Check it out now.

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'Random Access Memories' is out now.

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