Satirising web culture...

The internet is a strange place.

Essentially infinite, the world wide web still hinges on the use of memes, with repeated jokes, repeated patterns providing a structure for the internet to exist.

Searching for a topic to underpin their new video, CYMBALS realised that the idea was literally lingering on their computer screens.

Tough Love Records boss Stephen Pietrzykowski introduces the video as a playful critique of "the Buzzfeed/clickbait/endless-rivers-of-meaningless-shit aesthetic that's come to dominate how a majority of people engage with the internet, and the way this was subsequently seeping into the production of art".

The germ of the idea for the video itself, though, lies with the band's collaborator. "It was first Matthew Reed, the director, who suggested the notion of satirising 'internet culture', and then the band through their performance, who took that germ of an idea and made it into a work of art where all that is solid melts into air."

"I wanted to put all of these elements Stephen and I had spoken about, together into a kind of virtual museum or gallery" Reed explains. "I wanted to create a collection of imagined future relics. Then the video plays out almost like an archaeologist sifting through a horde of Buzzfeed-era trash, while it just melts into a kind of HD sludge in his hands".

Watch it now.

- - -

CYMBALS have confirmed the following shows:

2 Birmingham Hare and Hounds
3 Leeds Live At Leeds
4 Canterbury City Sound Project

4 London Corsica Studios ticket link.

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