Houston based newcomer...
Cory Jreamz

Houston is a universe unto itself.

During the 90s, the Texan city boasted a thriving hip hop scene, one which ploughed its own furrow in a furiously experimental style.

Now, twenty years on from those epochal chopped and screwed nights, comes Cory Jreamz.

The rising rapper x producer has a clear, distinct identity of his own. It's a curiously psychedelic feel, with Jreamz warping his voice in a manner which alternates between soothing and menacing.

Produced in collaboration with Treyshawn, 'Alive' is a fascinating drop off point. Cory Jreamz has a smooth, impeccable flow, one which nods towards the caramel-smooth 90s whilst retaining a clear vision of the future.

Watch it now.

- - -

Cory Jreamz is currently working on his new mixtape 'The Lonely Painter'.

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