Featuring vocals from Georg Levin
Tim Paris

Part of the machinery of the Parisian clubbing underground, Tim Paris remains a potent figure.

As a DJ, promoter, producer and label owner the beatsmith has worn many hats, tackled many styles. Of late, Tim Paris has been working with long time friend Ivan Smagghe as It’s A Fine Line, but the producer is currently focussing on his forthcoming solo album.

Experimenting with new vocalists, Tim Paris has struck up a relationship with Georg Levin. Adding some effortlessly soulful vocals to the French producer's tracks, recent release 'Golden Ratio' has proved to have something special tucked away in its grooves.

Out now on My Favorite Robot, the track comes equipped with John Tejada and Villanova. Toasting its release, the producer has handed the the Alexander Basile directed video to ClashMusic.

Set in a small cafe, it's a surreal and oddly moving take on every day life.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Golden Ratio' is out now.


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