Introducing their new single...

The internet has accelerated the exchange of new ideas, producing a blur of cause and effect that can be almost impossible to follow.

Sometimes, it seems that what stands out most isn't a new idea per se, but the manner of its delivery, the intensity of its focus. SULK are steeped in the past, for sure, but what catches our attention is their ability to craft melodies which escape any one era.

With their debut album now at home on record shelves across the country, SULK's time has come. The sun is shining - well, almost - and we're ready for something fun, something familiar but with a distinct sense of self.

New single 'The Big Blue' is a neat starting point. Out on May 20th, it opens with a slow, spiralling guitar riff before those vocals chime in speaking of a sunrise which could "pierce through a dream".

It's all hopelessly idealistic, the sort of whimsy only those who are too damn young can really produce. Somehow, though, it works with SULK set to dominate our stereo for some time yet...

Watch it now.

- - -

'The Big Blue' is set to be released on May 20th.


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