Exquisite Lauryn Hill cover...
Mara Carlyle

Heartbreak often makes for such sweet music.

It's a mystery, but the agony of a broken relationship can often move songwriters in quite unique ways. Connecting with listeners on a deep, quite intense level, almost everyone has a break up song, an anthem which helped them through a period of hurt.

For Mara Carlyle this seems to be 'Ex-Factor'. Beautifully written by Lauryn Hill, the track remains a perennial R&B favourite, a carefully etched study in regret, longing and jealousy. Deciding to tackle the song herself, Carlyle opted to completely re-craft the track into a new arrangement.

"I'm probably a better arranger than I am a songwriter" she told ClashMusic recently, "and in an effort to deal with the pain of a pretty shoddy break-up last summer, I threw my heart and soul into writing an arrangement of Lauryn Hill's 'Ex-Factor', using church organ and choir (natural comfort sounds for me)."

Offered the chance to play historic London church Hackney St. John's, Mara Carlyle decided to unveil her new cover. "A couple of months later I was asked to perform at Sound:Check's inaugural charity concert (alongside Willy Mason, Hejira and ESKA) in beautiful St John at Hackney church, with the OneTaste choir and a HUGE church organ at my disposal. Seemed like the perfect time to break out 'my' break-up tune."

Captured by a professional camera crew, ClashMusic are delighted to be able to premiere this special performance. One for the broken hearted...

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The next Sound:Check event takes place on July 26th and features Alice Russell, Dansu, Gideon Conn (ft Stac) and The OneTaste Choir.

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