Shot live at XOYO
The Other Tribe

Dance music is such a loose, impossible to pin down phrase.

Sure, it immediately puts you in mind of crisp, clipped electronic beats, but at heart 'dance music' is pretty much anything you can groove on down to.

The Other Tribe make dance music. The Bristol group's live show is packed with colour and energy, melody and rhythm, with the band blazing a trail across the country.

Recently added to the bill at this year's FARR Festival, a team from the event began tailing along with the tour bus. Checking out The Other Tribe at London venue XOYO, the team recorded some very special footage of the band in action before retreating backstage for an exclusive interview.

Getting under the skin of the Bristol four piece, this is a unique introduction to a group who reputation blossoms with each passing day.

Watch it now.

- - -

FARR Festival runs between July 19th - 21st.


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