Directed by You Ness
Cloud Boat

Out towards the horizon, the sky and the sea seem to stretch endlessly out towards one another.

If they ever met, we imagine it's the sort of place Cloud Boat would inhabit. Half-theoretical, half-mythical and absolutely beautiful, the duo's music seems to float along barely impacting on the physical world.

Signed to R&S offshoot Apollo Records, the pair recently sealed off sessions on their debut album. Matching electronic awareness with an astute control of songcraft, new full length 'Book of Hours' arrives at the end of May.

Ahead of this, album track 'Youthern' will gain a standalone release on May 20th. A beautifully constructed piece of music, the song comes equipped with a strikingly shot video courtesy of You Ness.

Featuring Cloud Boat - Sam Ricketts and Tom Clarke - throughout, the clip juxtaposes the duo with a young dancer. Evolving along its own unmistakeable path, you can watch the video first on ClashMusic.

- - -

'Youthern' is set to be released on May 20th.


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