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Bipolar Sunshine

Bipolar Sunshine is perhaps the perfect way to describe the British summer.

The weather flits between scorching sun and torrential downpour, more often than not failing to met expectation. Our attitudes, too, are contradictory - somehow, no matter rain or shine, we still find something worth complaining about.

However Bipolar Sunshine is rather simple in comparison. A Manchester based artist, his debut cut 'Fire' was almost instantly picked up by Radio 1's Zane Lowe, flying to the top of Hype Machine in the process.

Packed with promise, the single matched glorious guitar lines against synths which seemed to dapple his voice in drops of pure white light. Taking his time, the producer plotted his next move carefully.

New EP 'Aesthetics' drops on June 17th, with lead track 'Rivers' gaining the video treatment. A wonderful pop moment, Bipolar Sunshine has an indie attack but pairs it with a seductive electronic vibe.

The vocals are half-sung, half-spoken - a little like Mike Skinner but with a little more heart on sleeve. ClashMusic has been granted the exclusive first play of the video for 'Rivers'.

Capturing an artist rapidly coming into bloom, this is a must-see.

Watch it now.

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'Aesthetics' is set to be released on June 17th.



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