Ahead of his 'Late Night Tales' mix...
After Dark

For some, vinyl isn't merely a format to indulge your musical tastes - it's an addiction.

Bill Brewster has been collecting records for almost as long as he can remember. A noted crate digger and disco advocate, as a DJ Brewster has always emphasised the ability to see past trends, to dig up rarities and develop your own sound - not copying other people.

Invited to take part in the Late Night Tales series, Bill Brewster decided to try something different. Focussing on the slow, down tempo tracks which form the opening arm of his set, the results are pretty adventurous - all languid rhythms and lush textures, this is an oddity even by the collector's own standards.

In the run up to the release of the new mix, the team from Late Night Tales decided to interview Bill Brewster in his home. Relaxing, chatting freely about his collector's tendencies and the songs which form the basis of the new mix, it's an enthralling document - plus, it lets us have a peek at Brewster's enormous record collection.

Watch it now.

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'Late Night Tales presents After Dark' is set to be released on May 5th.


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