Yep, she's covered Kelis...
Chloe Howl

Sometimes you can have it all but still feel empty.

Chloe Howl's star is on the rise. The youthful songwriter is tipped by virtually every pundit in the land, while early cuts such as 'No Strings' have plastered themselves to just about every radio station worth mentioning.

Yet there's still that bite in her voice, an element of soul which suggests that something, somewhere just ain't quite right.

In that respects, this is the perfect cover. 'Millionaire' paired Kelis up against Andre 3000, at a time when either artist seemed incapable of doing any wrong. Against the spider-like production, Kelis delivered a wonderful, aching vocal dripping with regret.

Shooting a session for new YouTube channel Transmitter, Chloe Howl decided to tackle the song in her own inimitable way. Sure, it's faithful to the original but right now it seems that anything Chloe Howl tackles will absorb her idiosyncrasies, her unique methods and delivery.

Watch it now.

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'No Strings' is out now.

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