In all their androgynous glory...
Charlie Boyer & The Voyeurs

Psychedelia is such a broad term.

After all, there are bands operating now who can legitimately claim to be more more psychedelic than most of the translucent dirges which emerged from 1967.

Charlie Boyer & The Voyeurs are what could be loosely described as psychedelic. After all, those keyboard flourishes resemble The Seeds or The Doors, while the songcraft is steeped in the more open ended mind of the 'Nuggets' spectrum.

Yet there's a preening androgyny here, a blurring of gender lines. New single 'Be Glamorous' is virtually a mission statement from the London band, with the video featuring Charlie Boyer in full glory.

Pouting at the camera, there's a deliberately mixed up beauty here. The stretched, pleading vocals recall Tom Verlaine but Charlie Boyer has the ambivalent sexuality of a young Mick Jagger - yet with a sense of innocent experimentation.

Watch it now.

- -

'Be Glamourous' is set to be released on May 20th.


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