A blast of melodic sunshine...

In case you haven't noticed, Britain is in the grip of a winter freeze.

Temperatures are plummeting, snow is falling and ice is forming around our windows. Thankfully, Californian group Cayucas are on hand to supply a deft piece of musical sunshine to keep us warm. Named after a sleepy West Coast hamlet, Cayucas is an outlet for the imagination of Zach Yudin.

Recently returning from Japan, the songwriter's spell in the Far East opened him up to the method of sampling, of chopping up classic material to create something new. It's a technique which seems to influence the approach on Cayucas' new album 'Bigfoot'.

Rhythms scatter in different directions, with the band able to sprint-a-yard... then stop. Step-up-a-gear then slow... things... down.

Out on April 30th via Secretly Canadian, 'Bigfoot' is buoyed by an effervescent melodic sense. Take 'High School Lover' - seemingly born from real life experience, it glistens with that painfully sweet experience that only adolescence can bring.

A quick quote from Zach Yudin: “There was this girl in 8th grade that sent me all these letters one summer. I kept them all – on the bottom of each one, she had written, ‘Call me at this number.’ I never called her. The first day of school, she came up to me and asked, ‘Hey, did you get those letters I sent you?’ I was like ‘…no.’ Why did I do that?!”

Watch the video for 'High School Lover' now.

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'Bigfoot' is set to be released on April 30th.


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