Communion signed newcomers...
Catfish and the Bottlemen

Boasting an impeccable track record for success, Communion are also tied to a certain sound.

Launching the careers of countless acoustic strumming troubadours, the imprint is pegged to tender, folk influenced balladry. However a new wave of signings are expanding that template, adding some serious volume to the mix.

Deap Vally you'll know already, but newcomers Catfish And The Bottlemen are a step further. A rock band in the true, classic, sense the band met whilst at school in Wales.

Recently supporting The 1975, Catfish And The Bottlemen have developed a partnership with producer (and Communion co-founder) Ian Grimble.

Adding a new sense of bite to their music, upcoming single 'Homesick' captures the sound of a band on the rise. Opening with a choppy, urgent rhythm, the tension builds until erupting into a vast, epic chorus.

It's out on June 17th but you can watch the video first on ClashMusic.

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Catfish And The Bottlemen are set to release new single 'Homesick' on June 17th.


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