New Orleans based duo...

New Orleans has always been a harbour town, a place where cultures, styles can mingle, merge.

Callers are no exception. Sara Lucas and Ryan Seaton grew up 400 miles apart, absorbing wildly varying types of music. Working on music together, the duo used whatever equipment came to hand - rehearsing over the phone, Callers recorded material for their first EP using a microphone dangling from a light-bulb. Perhaps 'Heroes' works best as an introduction.

Remarkably assured, Callers songwriting nudges towards various influences without finding itself caught in the slipstream of a better known artist. The pair seem to arrive with their own voice, their own conception of how to make music.

ClashMusic have been handed the video for 'Heroes'. We'll let Ryan Seaton introduce the track: “I knew a very old, thin man with an eye patch, a cane, and no teeth that disagreed with me about everything and spent every single day calculating Pi a far as he could. At the end of each day, he always crumpled his pages of notes and threw them away. Then he would start all over again after a night of sleep. This song is about him and us and you.”

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Download 'Heroes' HERE.

Photo Credit: Aaron Stern


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