Austin native...

Even within the Lone Star State, Austin stands alone.

A city quite unlike any other, it has spawned a fiercely proud artistic community. Aware of their roots, Brazos - hinging on Martin McNulty Crane - are stepped in history, submerged in lore.

Initially a full band project, Brazos splintered after an intense period of touring. Returning to Austin, the songwriter found himself dis-heartened, dis-illioned and lacking a clear sense of purpose.

Packing his belongings in an old beat up car, Crane moved to New York and found himself in the throes of a creative revival. Fuelling new album 'Saltwater' it's clear that while his body may have moved from Texas, his soul belongs to Austin.

Out on May 27th via Dead Oceans, 'Saltwater' features a re-constituted version of Bravos. All taut suspense and skintight guitar lines, this is a work of subtlety, a work which reveals itself over successive listens.

Stand out track 'Charm' is a case in point. The jagged rhythms and hazy, down beat vocals are enough to hook you in, but Crane's lyrics - inspired by, amongst others, the poetry of feminist and radical, Adrienne Rich - are worth pouring over.

Packed with allusion and illusion, the video for the track is an offbeat analysis of memory and what makes us human.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Saltwater' is set to be released on May 27th.


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