Provocative rapper releases new video...

Slumbering in a bed of commercial success for the best part of a decade, 2012 has seen hip hop explode back into life.

A series of new artists have emerged, shattering the staid formula for big stage hip hop with sheer, bloody minded imagination. A controversial, pan-sexual performer with heavy emphasis on image and noise, Le1f is the latest blog.

German label Boysnoize stepped in to release the recent 'Liquid' EP, sparking a wave of blog hype. Fusing a sense of electronics with a distorted, slow flow the material has a hypnotic, disorienting effect which is difficult to shrug off.

The video for Boody produced track 'Soda' seems to take these themes into the visual arena. Featuring plenty of what could timidly be labelled 'group soda scenes' there's an implicit sexuality at work which streams through the bold colours and intricate dance routines.

- - -

'Liquid' is out now.


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