Hallowe'en themed clip...

The Devil, as they say, has the best tunes.

Yet Hallowe'en doesn't have the best soundtrack. At parties across the globe, the stereo will resound to a tried and tested routine which involves repeated plays of 'The Monster Mash' and 'Thriller'.

Which is where Bleached come in. The Californian group are fans of the fright season, and decided to craft a Hallowe'en inspired video for their new track 'Love Spells'.

Jennifer Calvin introduces the clip: "Halloween and October are my favorite time of year so I was excited when I realized we had a month to put together a rad B-Horror style music video before Halloween gets here! So with the help of some amazing friends, and taking inspiration from our girl sunbathing in the graveyard shirt we got it all together. We made it past the obstacles like getting kicked out of our first filming location, leaving the next morning for our Europe tour, editing it on the road in the van, and keeping it all pretty DIY. Xoxo."

Check it out now.

- - -

Bleached's debut album 'Ride Your Heart' is out now.

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