Tackling a David Bowie classic...

Beck seems to be in a curious mood.

Last year the songwriter released an album's worth of material as sheet music, allowing fans to interpret his work as they wished. Now the American artist has opted to tackle a true Bowie classic, re-working 'Sound and Vision' with the aid of a full orchestra. 

A stand out track from 'Low' - perhaps David Bowie's most revered studio statement - 'Sound and Vision' was covered for the car company Lincoln's 'Hello, Again' campaign.

Working with director Chris Milk, Beck was joined by over 60 musicians including the Dap-Kings, a string orchestra, a Peruvian charango group, choirs, a theremin player and much, much more.

Beck performed the track in the middle of the vast ensemble, which was conducted by his father David Campbell. The visuals were seemingly recorded with "three 360-degree cameras" while the result is intended to "allow viewers of the digital experience to feel as if they're actually there."

Watch it now.


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