Stylish newcomer...
Bebe Black

The slipstream between bass culture and the mainstream is proving to be one of British music's most fruitful areas.

In the blink of an eye, an underground sensation can become a chart star, with Bebe Black perhaps the next in line to make this leap. First coming to prominence as a collaborator with Benga, the singer was soon tied down to a deal with Columbia.

A former fashion student, her striking, idiosyncratic appearance matches her music, with Bebe Black seeming to take inspiration as much in 80s performers such as Kate Bush as the evolution of British bass. Recent EP 'Deathwish' is a case in point. Downbeat and moody, the often striking songwriting found Bebe Black rapidly blossoming with each track seeming to demonstrate another facet of her artistic persona.

Following this, ClashMusic has managed to grab something special. Strikingly shot, the video for 'Deathwish' finds the singer shot in a surreal, almost dream like setting. The colours are extremely vivid, with Black's red lip stick set against the pure white light which drenches the screen.

Containing a flamboyance which Florence Welch would envy, Bebe Black looks straight at the camera as the track builds to its soaring, dramatic climax.

Watch it now.

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'Deathwish' is out now.


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