New single...
Shine A Light

Liam Gallagher is backed in the headlines - but then, what's new?

The frontman has always had a knack for getting himself on the front page, even if that isn't always what he had intended.

On a musical front, Beady Eye's resurgence continues with new single 'Shine A Light'. A double A-side pairing with 'World's Not Set In Stone' the release emerges on August 18th, just as the festival season begins to close.

The video for 'Shine A Light' is an unusual performance clip, featuring the band inside a cave. Interspersed with this, Beady Eye feast at a grand table before the clip ends with Liam Gallagher in the middle of a cavalcade of beautiful, completely naked, young women.

Watch it now.

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Clash caught up with Beady Eye just after the release of their new album. Check out our review of 'BE' HERE before watching some behind the scenes footage from our cover shoot.

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