Rising LA songwriter...

Sexuality is a tool, a malleable, undefinable property. In the right hands, sexuality can be as provocative as any form of music.

Take BANKS. The Los Angeles newcomer is steeped in club culture, pursuing a form of electronic soul which is notoriously difficult to pin down. Recent track 'Work' was produced by Lil Silva, with new cut 'Fall Over' displaying a fluid knowledge of bass culture.

The video, though, displays a striking degree of independence...

Shot in monochrome, 'Fall Over' finds BANKS in near nudity. Yet rather than titillation, she seems in control of her body - using it to display frailty, an emotional nakedness which is controlled on her own terms.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Before I Ever Met You/Fall Over' is out March 4th on London label Good Years.


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