Reminiscent of Nick Cave at his most debauched...

Balthazar are both hugely popular and almost unknown, critically acclaimed and criminally ignored.

A success story in their native Belgium, the band recently released their UK debut album. Beginning to make a mark on the British music scene, it seems only a matter of time before we, too, fall under the spell of their fragrant, literate songwriting.

Songs like 'Sinking Ship' will no doubt help. Buoyed by a loose limbed groove which threatens to fall apart at the seams, the vocals recall Dylan at his imperious best.

The lyrics writhe and sneer, intoning a tale of "rats leaving a sinking ship" while the underlying feel is often quite unsettling. There's an otherworldly atmosphere, reminiscent of Nick Cave during his preening, debauched poet-of-the-night phase.

The video for the track expands on these themes. Featuring top model Elise Crombez in an acting role, the clip for 'Sinking Ship' was constructed by director Joe Vanhoutteghem while Nicolas Karakatsanis - who was nominated for an Oscar for his work on the 'Bullhead' - was also on hand to help out.

Handed exclusively to ClashMusic, you can watch it now.

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'Sinking Ship' is available as a digital download. Parent album ‘Rats’ is available on CD and as a digital download.

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