Swedish group hit Amsterdam...
The Hives

It's been ten years since 'Hate To Say I Told You So' first gatecrashed the British charts. Clad in black and white, The Hives are an irresistible proposition - all bravado, garage rock riffs and rama-lama vocals. Since then, the band have shifted and evolved, adding a post-punk influence to their jagged punk template. But they haven't lost that energy, that potent spark which makes them such an addictive live band. Recently completing a European tour, The Hives have unveiled a series of short clips showing what life is like behind the scenes. Matching concert footage to interviews with the group themselves, the short films are building up into a cross-section of a beloved garage institution. Part Two finds The Hives hitting Amsterdam to perform at massive venue Melkweg - the film crew follow the band to the Netherlands, capturing the Swedish group as they prepped for the show, playing mini basketball, and signing Skullcandy gear for the crowd. Watch it now. (via Skullcandy)

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