Beautifully rendered stop motion clip...
Atoms For Peace

Atoms For Peace continually explore the divide between the organic and the tech-driven, the relationship between analogue and digital.

The band's debut album 'Amok' fuses avant techno flourishes to Afrobeat rhythms, scattering influences far and wide. In their visuals, too, Atoms For Peace explore these themes - notably through the work of illustrator Stanley Donwood.

Performing at the Hollywood Bowl last night (October 17th) the group teased the new video for album cut 'Before Your Very Eyes'. Shortly afterwards, Thom Yorke tweeted to fans: "Aaah Blinkin' Hollywood:) Thanks to everyone who came last night.".

As if by magic, the video for 'Before Your Very Eyes' appeared on the Atoms For Peace YouTube channel. It's a wonderful stop motion clip, featuring Thom Yorke with desert sands blowing across his body.

A statue which threatens to collapse in on itself, his writhing body seems to protest against the rise of an urban scene.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Amok' is out now.

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